Hassle Free School Management

Tired of deploying work force on managing schools? Spending hours and hours with no streamlined processes in sight? Alji has the perfect solution to help you out.

Save on Work Force

Holistic Solutions to Simplify School Functionality

Alji offers six answers to address the existing challenges of education industry

Art of School Management
Alji ERP

Control the complete school ecosystem remotely without deploying work force.

Comprehensive Lab Setup

Alji Labs

Get the most advanced labs set-up in the school premises for offering practical analysis to students.

Ease of Syllabus Decision

Course Allocator

A comprehensive curriculum selection for schools to empower students.

Redefined Reality

Alji Smart Classes

Take students into the depth of reactions, processes and theories via extensive Smart Classes designed by industry experts.

Simplified Academic Shopping

Alji EduCommerce

Present a one-stop e-store to parents and students, offering an exhaustive solution for academic accessories.

Secured School Premises

Alji Secure (RFID/ UHF)

Secure the premises from unwanted visitors by leveraging the agility of RFID/ UHF tags for marking attendance of students and staff.

Challenges of School Management Addressed

Customized Solutions to Automate and Organize Processes

Connect to Simplify

“The rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify its efficiency.” – Bill Gates

Time to Adapt Automation

Be the trailblazer of Education Industry by incorporating automated processes and advanced labs set-up.


Alji Solutions are optimized to scale in accordance to the growing requirements of the schools.

Ease of Use

Responsive and ergonomic dash board design to facilitate smooth operations.


With Granular User Access Controls, Alji Solutions offer a comprehensive admin console to manage school processes.

Ease of Business

Remotely control your school and get reports generated instantaneously.

Open the doors to the new-age learning techniques for students